Wooden Shuttering Girder

Design and construction materials

The wooden shuttering girder is a glued, solid well double T-girder. The girder consists of an upper and lower beam made of northern whitewood. The frame is made of veneered laminated wood


  • width of beam 80mm
  • height of beam 40mm
  • veneered laminated wooden frame consisting of at least 10 years with 4 layers of veneer splicing; total thickness of frame 24mm
  • height of frame 120mm

The frame is bonded to the beams via an indented joint. The beams are finger- jointed in various places. The total height of the girder is 200mm + / - 2mm. The weight of the girder is approx. 4.7 kg per meter.

The quality of the beamwood corresponds to category S10 in accordance with DIN 4074. The beams are planed on all 4 sides, and the edges are chamfered.

To bond the frame and the beams, glues are used which are suitable for bonding load-bearing wooden construction parts in accordance with DIN 1052.The glue is hardened under constant, power-controlled pressing power in a high-frequency field in a dimensionally stable gluing bed.This procedure is patented.

The patent no. is D E 30 36 793 C1.The girders are treated with a yellow paint to protect the wood against light after gluing.


The wooden shuttering girder can only be used for loads which result from the immediate support it gives to ceiling or wall shuttering I concrete construction; it cannot be used for any larger loads.The distance between beams must comprise nor more than 4.0m.
From the Institute for Building Technology Berlin:

Permitted bending moment:M = 5.0 kNm
Permitted transverse action:Q = 11.0 kN
Registration no.:Z 9.1 -188

Special features of the wooden shuttering girder
  • The frame of the girder has 10 glued layers and thus does not warp even under extreme conditions. Due to its layered and water-proof bonding, it is highly resistant to weathering influences.
  • Due to the slanted edges, damages resulting from continual use under great strain can be prevented for the most part. The red synthetic enamel prevents moisture from penetrating into the girder. Thus the girder remains dimensionally stable, and no warping or swelling occurs.
  • The wedging between the beam and the frame has relatively shallow. i.e. 10mm-deep grooves. In this way the beam are only negligibly weakened and bear very great strain without tearing out.
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